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Alexandros finally opened its doors

Remember how that Greek restaurant was taking its sweet ass time to open to the public? Well the doors finally opened last week at Alexandros Bar and Grill, who boast the World's Most Famous Gyros. The outcome of the interior revamp proves that their time was spent wisely. However, claiming to have the "World's Most Famous Gyros" is a definite stretch. Their food sucks. In fact, it is almost as bad as Astoria's food in it's final days of operations. Alexandros' interior revamp, therefore, is unlikely to pay off.

Alexandros' revamp; a dramatic change from Astoria's nasty interior

Still, we have a sneaky suspicion that the owners don't really care. Was their Blossington location (they have two others elsewhere) built merely to show financial losses? We could be wrong in thinking yes, but then again, we are usually right about these sort of things. Either way, with the big screen TV, nice new furniture, and reasonably priced beer, this will be the local World Cup fever outlet for neighbourhood boys and girls who don't want to leave the block just to join in on international football fun.

For those of you who have fallen off the Gigi wagon, you can get right back on. They may have broken their promise once, but the Prom King and Queen were at their shop this morning, brewing up a storm and serving up our much missed bites. They actually did it! Though they opened an hour later than they indicated (yesterday's sign promised 8:00am), we were just glad to have them back. Oh yeah, the place looks amazing, so it was well worth the additional day spent in waiting.

A picture of Brook's posting, look out for it, if you have info

Our favorite you're-not-from-around-here, Brook, whose Opus was stolen right in front of Discount Income Tax Services was seen back on the block this evening. We admire his persistence. The good people of our hood will hopefully keep their eyes open for his bike. His love for it has been proven. Brook's posted signs all over Blossington with pictures of his missing bike, along with a detailed description, and an offer of $200 for the brave soul to come forth and return his long lost love. He doesn't care who returns his bike, he won't ask questions, and promises to pay $200 to the person that does. If you have any information about his yellow Opus racer, please comment on this post, or look around the hood for his posting and email him directly.

"I've lost a lot of sleep, and I'll probably continue to do so," Brook said. The Blossington Post admires his love, and continues to wish him good luck on his hunt.

(All photos by DmD)


  1. Well DmD I do not understand how you could post one positive article and then post such a negative article. Especially when we know you have NOT even taken the time to try the food that you say "sucks" Unlike you I did do some investigative research before posting this comment and can verify that you have not in fact tried the food!!! We are trying to rid the persona of the old Astoria however having Alexandros constantly referred to AND compared to the Astoria is highly inappropriate!! ASTORIA IS GONE!! Not to mention you stating that we opened the doors for FINANCIAL LOSSES!! You say you "COULD" be wrong well you ARE wrong!! We did not spend so much time renovating and taking time from our families which has taken its toll for you to make inappropriate and FALSE comments. It is really frustrating having someone who thinks they have the right to BASH others!!! Especially when the person bashing doesn't personally know who they are talking about! I've posted before that we ARE new players on the block and we intend to be here for a LONG time. So before you decide and make FALSE comments and accusations inquire and inform yourself accordingly.

  2. Dear Neighbourhood Friend,

    I have certainly tried your food, more than once in fact. Believe me, I really wanted it to be good. As an extra step, I even asked the opinions of other neighbours about your food. Their response, “it’s nothing special.” Furthermore, most people do not have the palate, or the extensive knowledge about the hospitality industry that I have. The gyros (I had a sandwich the first time and a plate the second) sucked. And this is days after you opened, shouldn’t you go the extra mile (especially) during the first few weeks of operations? To qualify, the sandwich was way too small, and the chicken within was hard and dry. You were also very stingy with the tzatiki sauce. The plate, well again, the meat was seasoned poorly and was not tender.

    As for the initial post, which you left your comment on after this post was published (who needs to investigate?), I hadn’t tried the food yet. Your doors were not open, and the positive tone therefore came from the hope that your establishment would provide excellent food, at cheap prices (for your benefit, so as to reflect your location’s demographic), and really late. Unfortunately, and again, I really didn’t want this to be the case, your establishment failed to do any of the above. I am sorry if you are offended, but if you are, it is your own fault. Try harder. Please ever customer who walks through your doors, regardless of their disposition and/or appearance. Some of us like to play poor and ignorant so as not to draw attention and be hassled when we walk down the street. And for goodness sake, if you want people to write good things about your food then make good food.