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Eye on Bloorcourt Business

 Tick Tock, Anybody home?

A light has been spotted through the cracks of the paper covered windows of Alexandros Bar and Grill. Does this mean we can expect a March first opening? For the past three months, the owners have allegedly been doing some serious renovations on the place, whose once really dingy interior belonged to a nasty nook called Athens’ Astoria. Hopefully, they got super cheap reno-labour and a serious transformation out of their time because, as it appears, they’ve already spent a lot of rent money before even opening their doors to the public.

Speaking of taking forever to commence operations, Shawarma Flames finally served its first customer after boasting a nice graphically designed sign, and locked doors for over two months. Blossington Post reporter, DmD, discovered Shawarma Flames’s first customer and got some feed back as to the quality of food. The proud patron was actually our neighbourhood’s sexiest and wittiest man, Ronald Baker, a.k.a. Pants, a.k.a., Ronny, a.k.a Johnson, a.k.a., Mr. Anderson, the host of The Ronald Baker Radio Revue, on CFRE 91.9fm radio. Ronny, like many people in the neighbourhood, took advantage of the Grand Opening deal, which offered any sandwich for $1.49 plus, what is still known as, GST. Ronny’s rating, was that it was okay, Blossington Post trusts his opinion 100%. When we went to check out the latest food joint in our neighbourhood the final verdict was that it was a good sandwich for $1.49 but hardly worth $4.50, the post grand opening price of the shawarma. The three day long sale has expired, so if you missed a cheap chance to taste our latest Shawarma joint out, you'll take a $3 hit trying a sandwich you'll likely never order again.

The late, though not great, Zagol space still has for lease signs

The for lease sign in, what used to be, Zagol, a fly by the night type of restaurant, based on a pipe dream to compete with one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the entire city, Lalibela. Zagol opened a few doors down from Lalibela, and only lasted a few months before closing. Should Blossington’s neighbourhood residents express sympathy or regret toward the owners of the failed Zagol? To quote one of Blossington’s greatest captains, Ferguson, “Negative.” What kind of idiot actually thought this hood needed yet another Ethiopian restaurant, low grade Shawarma place, or old-Greek-man hang out?

(All photos by DmD)

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