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Even Cafes Suffer Without a Project Manager

Today's, Friday April 29th, sign

Our favourite neighbourhood cafe, Saving Gigi's, broke their promise. In doing that, they broke our hearts. Our morning physical mantra, getting coffee at Gigi's, was thrown off kilter on Tuesday. Blossington residents were forbidden from getting into their beloved cafe, confronted with the most unresponsive bouncer, a sign. Posted on the door, the dreaded note read that Gigi's would be closed on April 27th and 28th. It also read, "Sorry!"

To everyone's dismay, our happy, much anticipated trip for morning coffee ended today in sadness when we saw a new sign on the locked doors. This time, the note apologized first and delayed reopening second.  The pathetic part is customers couldn't even stoop for their morning brew at Gigi's adjacent competitor, Coffee Time, because they too have been "closed for renovations" for quite some time.

Thomas works away with wood on the Gigi's patio

As the saying goes, "shit happens." But Murphy's Law has forever warned us against unexpected tragedies. The truth is, the owners broke their promise because they set unrealistic goals for their vast undertaking. Looking through the window and at the patio, on the first day of closure, it seemed like a grand feat for the Prom King and Queen et al. to complete in the short time they had indicated. Let this micro-scenario be a reminder to big companies that they need to hire Project Managers.

Inside the cafe, as of Tuesday Afternoon

Even on day two of being closed, the place looked far from renovated. One would have expected to see the sign in the window earlier. Still, we have forgiven the Prom King and Queen. After all, they are not a big company, and can't afford a PM. As loyal subjects in their court, we trust that this grand undertaking is likely making our local chill spot more chill. That said, we can't help but suggest that they read Robert Munsch's classic tale as a form of playful penance.

(All photos by DmD)

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