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Chaos In and Around Ossington Station

 A mob of people wait for transportation

Chaos at the Ossington Subway station spilled over to the South West corner of Blossington this morning. People at the major intersection were apparently waiting for taxis, while the people flooding the station were insisting on getting onto buses. TTC bus drivers were forced to take on the burden as the transportation company tried desperately to compensate for lack of underground service. Expect TTC delays for at least another hour this morning, May 2nd. Expect, also, to be late. Everyone knows TTC buses are never as fast as our underground rockets.

Tight lipped TTC Constable only answers patrons questions regarding service

So what happened?

"It's an emergency in the subway," said the TTC Constable, who refused to give up any further details. But the Blossington Post has eyes all over the west end. Essentially, we got the bloody scoop anyway.   

At approximately 9:30am today, on the southbound platform of Bathurst Station, screams were heard, followed by a young-ish man jumping in front of the train. Blood splat onto the platform. Our witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, was gravely disturbed by the experience.

 Ossington Station at approximately 9:30am

Back at Ossington Station, people are spewing  flurries of questions directed at anyone in uniform. People are insisting for service, ignorant that while they complain about lack of service, somebody is scooping up pieces of a dead man's body off the tracks. Nobody is making clear-cut statements about when the trains will start running again. Buses have been, and continue to be, available.

(All photos by DmD)


  1. Look... I appreciate the notion of someone writing about incidents like this, but if you're going to go under the guise of being "journalists" (or ONE journalist I guess) you should practice some manner of neutrality in your writing. Plus you go on to fault people for being ignorant of the tragedy going on underground (lacking compassion), but you're happy to sensationalize things in the article in a similarly selfish way. Stuff like getting the "bloody scoop anyway", "somebody is scooping up pieces of a dead man's body" or "Blood splat onto the platform" (sic) is both amateur and immature. You can communicate this information without having to add your own smarmy commentary. A suicide might be a personal choice, for whatever reason, but it's not just some joke to be fodder for your --silly?-- little blog. So if you want to report on the area in this fashion maybe have some compassion. And if you just want to comment on the world then go ahead... but stop "playing reporter".

  2. But Mason, WE like our "own smarmy commentary."

  3. Does this mean I'm going to get pushed down an elevator shaft by a Mason? Bwuahahaaaaa