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Fire at 795 Ossington

Corner of Bloor and Ossington at 7:30am, April 1st
Blossington got an epic scare this morning, Thursday April 1st. A house near the entrance to the Ossington Subway station erupted in flames just before 6:00am. Numerous fire trucks flooded the scene, sirens yelling as though they were playing an April Fools Day joke on Blossington residents.  But the pictures suggest this was no joke.

City Trucks block Ossington, North of Bloor 

There is no word on how the fire started, but what we do know is that it introduced itself at one-alarm status. For a while it appeared as though the fire workers had contained the flaming beast. But it was just Nature's way of saying, "April Fools!" Extra enforcement got called in when the fire’s status jumped up to two-alarm. These flames weren't joking around. Because all the houses along Ossington’s North East side are built close together, neighbours, especially the adjoined home, were afraid the fire would easily spread to affect more houses. The fire workers were able to contain the fire, though.
Cop directs traffic, as she helps fire trucks exit scene at Bloor and Ossington

At 7:45am, the ambulances and fire trucks began to back away; thankfully, they didn’t use their sirens to exit. A dog was rescued from the house at 795 Ossington, and there are no reports of injuries suffered by human residents.

Although the subway station managed to run smoothly throughout most of the disaster, Ossington was closed between Bloor and northward until Pendrith, blocked by piles of fancy flashing trucks. Besides the residents of the burnt house, people commuting to work on Ossington were seriously inconvenienced, and those of us who actually live here were woken, and kept up, by an entourage of urban Roosters crowing pre-dawn. Each time residents tried to fall back asleep, a new truck would screetch it's way into the scene, with sirens hollaring, "April Fool's Day, Fool." Gotta give them credit for making the noon deadline, and coming in with a bang.
(All photos by DmD)


  1. Is the power back on?

  2. DmD was on the scene first! I heard about this one on the news and wondered about all you poor bastards trying to get some sleep. Urban roosters be damned.

  3. We didn't know the power was off. And gonefishing, we were the first on the scene, because we ARE the scene, we live and breath it.

    Thanks for following guys!

  4. You are the coolest scene ever! Looking forward to more news from the scenter's scene. ;)

  5. The power went off just after 7 am. I'm on the same block. Groceries survived! Glad no one was injured. What is negligent arson anyway?

  6. first and wrong. dog wasn't rescued from 795.