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Blossington's Rusted Pendulum Swings?

 Coffee Time, 864 Bloor Street West, a few weeks ago

Last post, Blossington Post unveiled the secret ops of its very own neighbourhood scum bags. For years, Bloorcourt has suffered through crime and grime. One of the manufacturers of grime in this hood has been Coffee Time, located on 864 Bloor Street West. Nobody has summed up this grime factory better than Rogue Journalist, who is apparently a werewolf that lives in Blossington.

Our neighbourhood has no identity. And, lack of identity is the most apparent malfunction, infecting the core of our hood. The Coffee Time franchise not only marks economic poverty in an area, but it is also an indicator that the surrounding environment is culturally weak. When Saving Gigi opened across the street from Coffee Time, many locals started to detect a sense of community, and gather a collective pride from the super hip neighbourhood cafe. As a result, Coffee Time took a hit.

 Coffee Time windows boarded up with paper

A few of weeks ago, Coffee Time boarded off its windows from the inside and the lights went out. Was the music over? A closer inspection revealed a paper posting in the window which ripped apart our hopes that the Blossington pendulum was swinging toward the side of coolest-freakin’-hood-in-the-whole-freakin’- city. The sign read, “We are closed for Renovations” and was printed with Coffee Time Letter head.

So why does the Blossington Post find this worthy of reporting?

 Sign on the door  :(   we were hoping for an eviction notice.

 864 Bloor Street, without Coffee Time logo on signage 

Well, unless an already suffering franchise wants to spend lots of money on a new sign (super expensive) while renovating the interior (mo money), in the early stages of recession recovery, then losing the letters on their outdoor sign probably indicates that they will be bought out. This deconstruction happened within the last week, after the reno signs were placed. Here, in the offices of the Blossinton Post, staff members are excited. We think our little neighbourhood cafe has earned a victory, not only for themselves, but for the betterment of our hood. We've been pushing that rusty pendulum for years, oiling it with neighbourhood praise, but only time will tell if our efforts will take effect. Coolest-freakin'-hood-in-the-whole-freakin'-city-status here we come.

Fingers crossed, we’ll keep you posted.

(photos by DmD)


  1. I would imagine that the Tim Horton's that just opened down the street (Bloor and Christie) put the final nail in the Coffee Time coffin.
    BTW Coffee "Tip" was a worse abomination of a coffee place :)

  2. We also have a Tim Horton's west of Blossington, toward Dufferin. It is equally as far as the new one at Christie. That's why I didn't consider it a major factor. Coffee Tip backed onto Christie Pitts when the Pitts really were the pits. I don't even want to know...Thanks for the follow, btw.

  3. You are a fool. At least Coffee Time have cheaper coffee than Saving Gigi. They are still "closed for renovations"!!!! Today is the 13 of May. I can't wait until they open again. I hate making coffee but it is cheap at home and at least it taste good.