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Goodbye Astoria Hello Alexandros

A few months ago, Astoria Athens closed its shop doors after decades of servicing Bloorcourt Village.

Astoria fell into arrears, allegedly owning $19,000 in rent. On the surface, it was a restaurant but a deeper connection with the establishment revealed that, in fact, it was a man's-club of sorts. For quite some time, patrons smoked inside (usually during card playing or backgammon) contrary to by-laws before getting busted. Keen locals knew that prostitution was an obtainable service, sort of like a VIP/members-only type luxury, unlike the smoking. 

A source told me that he and his friends were offered $10 blow-jobs from the female bartender, and that this service was not uncommon for neighbourhood friendly faces. Furthermore, strangers to the hood would not be privy to access, unless they were represented by a preferred client. 

Somebody who once slept in the basement next door to Astoria said he heard “An absolute Bordello...It sounded like they were shooting a porn in the basement at 3am. You could hear everything.

“It was heard people fucking like sounded like a full blown Happy New Year party.”

Now Alexandros Bar and Grill will take its place. While outlets for indoor smoking, illegal gambling and prostitution in the area have definitely reigned supreme, many wish Alexandros will follow Saving Gigi's suit and break the mould of our BIA, sinking ship establishments. 
Blossington Reporter, DmD, has seen the owners outside of Alexandros Bar and Grill on several occasions. Although they look like  rough n' toughs, they carry a positive and friendly demeanour. We trust they will run a respectable establishment, but more than that, we hope they sell cheap and delicious food, and we really really hope they sell that cheap n' delicious food super duper late.

(All photos by DmD)


  1. FUCKING KUDO'S DmD. it's amazing really. i don't know what is going on behind the brown parcel paper so effectively taped up on every window at 'Dro's'. there is not even a single crack in it in which to spy through. all i know is that the pita wrap sandwich wars are on. the strap on contingency better watch out because they are going to be the first ones engaged. it's kind of like in star trek. the federations most formidable enemy for almost a century was the klingons... then the borg showed up and redefined fear. they actually brought the possibility of human extinction and enslavement right to our doorstep. i think this is going to be just such a case. there is a new player in the pocket and believe me, they are playing for keeps. alright, i better wrap this up...

  2. aww... comments have to be approved before they get posted? i thought the pocket was all about freedom of expression!?!

  3. Dearest Anonymous,
    It's the Borg times three to the power of twelve my friend. We better continue keeping six. Unbreakable and unmistakeable...we will prevail! All hail the neighbourhood Pants.

  4. DmD,
    On behalf of Alexandros my partner and I would like to thank you for your kind words. Like you mentioned in your article our goal is to establish a nice respectful establishment. A place where a family can come sit down have a great dinner and simply enjoy themselves. As for the previous going's on we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in effect! You said it perfectly there are new players in the pocket and we are playing for keeps! As you also mentioned my partner and I MAY look rough and tough however we DO have a positive demeanor and are ecstatic to be able to provide a safe and respectful establishment for everyone who graces our doorstep. Everyone who frequented the old Astoria has to realize that The Astoria Era has come to an end!!