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Ronny Etches Closer to the Darkside...

Ronny the Pants Baker

On this great day, Ronald Baker, a.k.a. Johnson, a.k.a. Pants, a.k.a. Ronny (local), clocks another full year of existence. The Blossington verdict? I think we're all pretty damn grateful to have this sexy specimen representing our hood.

Last night, in the hours leading up to his actual birthday, Ronny made some seriously delicious spaghetti bolognas for myself, the Blossington Prom King (though he just had the pasta, he doesn't eat meat), and Ronny's law partner, Ferguson. I have to say, that was some damn good pasta Pants.

The gathering was a meeting of minds, from which my mind was absent.

After much persistence, the Prom King had convinced us all that we have to ring in Ronny-Pants' birthday out of our apartments. We needed to have a celebratory cheers, and that couldn't possibly happen in the comfort of anybody's home, especially not on a work night. What kinda shitty friends do you think you have Baker!?

On the stroke of midnight, outside Disgraceland, three men and one lady embraced in what looked like a ball of Blossington love.

"Happy Birthday, good Sir," was one of the remarks that escaped the tightly knit love-ball.

Shortly after, we each went to our respective homes, but not before getting some Pizza flavoured Combos from the Mini Mart, of course.

*** *** ***

Today is the actual day. Several people are going to celebrate Ronny's birthday at his night time gig, The Ronald Baker Radio Revue, a radio show our neighbourhood gem hosts every Wednesday and Saturday nights on CFRE, 91.9FM. The ratings are going to be through the roof today, I'm almost sure. Anybody who is anybody in the Blossington hood is sure to be tuning in, if not participating, either remotely or actually at the statition. It is a really big deal. On tonight's show of the Ronald Baker Radio Revue, listeners will likely experience a milestone in history since Ronny's probably going to revolutionize the voice of broadcasting.

(Photo by DmD)

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