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Cyclemania in Trouble?

Jano, the colourful captain of Cyclemania on Bloor

Everybody who is anybody in Bloorcourt knows Cyclemania is the place to get your bicycle fixed. For years Jano, a handsome 40-something ex-racer, has delivered top-notch bike service to locals and passerbys alike. He is a character of commendable kindness and a connoisseur of cycling.

Cyclemania, located at 863 Bloor Street West, is a bike shop made up of old school mechanics. The place has zero tolerance for pretension, is very welcoming, and has unbeatable prices. It's a no frills kind shop where you will get excellent work done on your bike. Yet, quality of service doesn't equate to quantity from your wallet.

But being a neighbourhood hero has it's downsides. It stirs jealousy, and becomes the focal point for alpha-male competitors. Recently, Blossington writer, DmD, confronted some sad news. Vinnie, who is the brother of the former Blossington Bully - Luigi Xaini - and who used to run a bike shop on Harbord, has laid claim to a space across the street from Cyclemania, at 800 Bloor. His intentions: to open a bike shop.

Vinnie used to pay friendly visits to the guys at Cyclemania, they fraternized about their respective businesses. But now, it seems Vinnie's visits housed malicious intent. The old saying goes, "It's not personal, it's just business." Still, there is something seriously vermicular about his actions.

Bloor West is already filled with bike shops; we don't need or even want another. Opening a shop across the street from Cyclemania is a blatant attempt to run the business, that has claimed territory to the Blossington turf for years, into the ground.

The same way Starbucks is planning to out-do our neighbourhood heroes at Saving Gigi - the prom king and queen of Blossington - Vinnie plans to do to Jano. I, for one, will not stand for it. I know the true captains of our hood won't either. You see, what Starbucks and Vinnie don't know is that people in Blourcourt are valiant, loyal, and prefer colourful hosts to pathetic party crashers.

Calling all Blossington beaus and belles, lest we forget our origins, lest we forget that we are a community that honours our founding members, please stay commited to our neighbourhood staples. Support Cyclemania and never forget the transformational power that Saving Gigi's has had on this hood.

Sincerely yours,

(Photo by DmD)

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