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Fungus Sprouts in Dirt

One of the most amazing properties of fungi is that one day they are not there, then suddenly, the next morning, they are fully grown. Lava Video, a sex shop located at 941 Bloor Street West is the most notable addition to Blossington. Fungi need heat plus moisture to magically sprout over night. With today, May 19th, being one of the hottest days of 2010 so far, it only made sense that the nice fellow at the adjacent bulk store was able to confirm that the shop certainly did sprout over night. It wasn't there yesterday.

Since today is the first day the adult store emerged from the dirt in Blossington, we feel compelled to make the connection to a bright yellow fungus, especially Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, a.k.a. Lepiota Lutea, a.k.a. The Yellow House Plant Mushroom. Although the adult store was closed as of 11:30am today, it, as its mushroom counterpart, will likely not waste time sprouting into full effect. 

Be forewarned, the Yellow House Plant Mushroom is inedible, so if you ingest copious amounts of this stuff, you will suffer through a poisoning of sorts. Nestled between Long & McQuade and Comedy Bar, we wonder whether Lava Video will at least help lure people into visiting its dark neighbouring bar, The Piston, which took over the Concord Cafe a few months ago.

For our readers who are interested, Lava Videos promises a free membership and competitive DVD prices. Please don't try to enter if you are under 18, and think twice if you are not immune to various fungi.

(Photos by DmD)

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  1. Eww...

    ... I wonder how long it'll last.

    (see DmD, ethical questions aside, we do have some views in common, lol)