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Broken Record Breaks?

Trash on the street. Photo taken on Spadina during garbage strike

Notice a peaceful change on the block?

Besides the banging and beeping that the World Cup has brought to Blossington as of late, something peaceful this way comes.

The friendly busker or, as most neighbours call her, the obnoxiously off tune girl who sings on the top of her polluted lungs in front of the LCBO, hasn’t accosted our alleys for a few days now.

Somehow a synthetic silence blankets over the sound of cars and crack heads.

It gives a refreshing feeling in an otherwise humid climate. Fingers crossed, Blossington residents hope that this changing wind leads the lady, who relentlessly puts iconic artists to shame, on another dusty road.

And dontcha come back no more.

(Photos by DmD)


  1. Way to get my hopes up, Blossington Post! I saw her back there yesterday. I feel bad for the LCBO cashiers who have to listen to her in 3-second increments all day.

  2. I, among several other neighbours, have practically begged LCBO workers to file complaints about her on several occasions. She does not have a license to busk, and could easily be removed if the right forces put their best feet forward. They have not. In fact they say things like, "She really sweet," and "At least she doesn't just sit and expect money like Good ol' Saint Nick." But as a resident, wouldn't you rather have lazy begging over abrasive racketeering?

  3. Hey DmD, can you please interview/investigate this girl further? What's her story? Why this LCBO? We know she likes Hole, Joni, and James, but what else? Where is she from? Maybe there are some underlying factors we can find out and exploit to control the situation. I cringe every time I walk in and out (about once a day). Thanks for doing this blog, it's great.

    - Another Blossington neighbour/reader

  4. Post more! This blog rules!