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Hurry! Employment Opportunities at CONC

 Tags and Tagger from L.O.F.T.

Blossington’s community centre, the Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre (CONC), is hiring. This should be received as exciting news to the unemployed young adults in our hood. For one thing, the folks who are already employed at the neighbourhood centre, like Javid Alibhai, are amazing people with good hearts working toward progressive community goals.

Below, I give all y'all prospective candidates a briefing about who and what you'd be associated with by joining the wicked team at CONC (If you are interested you should be clicking the links to get to know more about CONC. But if you didn't know that, you should probably go back to school for career planning advice).

Alibhai, is an artistic mentor for the youth who frequent L.O.F.T. (Life, Opportunities, Food, Technology), located in the basement of the CONC building. Besides visual art, LOFT is also a space that is set up for musically inclined youth. The basement space at CONC has some serious sound systems and equipment. Still, LOFT does not exclusively cater to artistically driven dudes and dudettes. There are computers with internet access for people to explore the cyber world and enhance their technological skills.

These are not L.O.F.T. tags but this man reps the hood still

There is a bunch more that goes on at CONC which is not just a space for youth. Adults drop in to get food, help in their employment search, and a sense of belonging. Our neighbourhood is great and so is our community centre, and this is an exciting way to join the team.

Below is a list of the jobs available at CONC. If you are interested, take a walk just slightly off the block to 854 Bloor Street, bring your smile and ask the people at the front desk for further details. However, if you decide that you are super stoked about CONC generally, and just want to get your foot in the door without knowing the specifics you can send your résumé and cover letter to the following address

Opportunity #1
Support Worker - application due Feb. 11. Start date ASAP. $9.50/hour

Opportunity #2
Technical Support Worker - application due ASAP. Start date ASAP. $9.50/hour.

Opportunity #3
Junior Marketing Director - application due ASAP. Start date ASAP. $9.50/hour

Opportunity #4
Junior Sales Director - application due Feb. 11. Start date ASAP. $9.50/hour

Opportunity #5
Engineer / Producer (LOFT sound studio) - applications due Feb 11. Start date ASAP. $9.50/hour

Opportunity #6
Administrative Support and Social Media Specialist - application due Feb. Start date ASAP. $9.50/hour
***This position requires a hand delivered résumé and cover letter***

(All photos by DmD)

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  1. The positions on listed in this posting are exclusively for people who are currently unemployed and who do not have post secondary education. The program which generated these jobs is funded by the Federal Government. So don't waist your time if you have a university degree or are currently employed. But I'd still like to thank DmD for making the information public.