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Bye Bye Biker Choppers

Jeff-co with Choppers...only a few days ago0000

Blossington’s favourite cyclist, Jeff, a.k.a. Jeff-co, a.k.a Ferguson, a.k.a. Chubaka has shaved off his choppers. This comes as a shock to community members who've adored his adornment for years.

But, in his self declared “ripe old age of 37,” Jeff is looking to decrease years. Well Jeff-co, we can’t turn back time (Go ask Cher!) but we salute your success in taking about ten years off your appearance. Cheers buddy.
Ferguson, now shaven, talks about the differences

When we asked Ferguson about how it feels to be free from choppers, he said, "Well my hearing has increased ten-fold. It's so windy! I can hear now."

Not only does he look younger, but he feels younger too, I guess? Isn't it a common phenomenon that people lose their hearing as they age?

Neighbourhood folk wonder about the possibilities now that Jeff's reclaimed his acoustic senses. Will he return to playing drums like he did in The Spigots, the hard-core punk band of his youth? Blossington Post keeps their fingers for a "yes."

But Jeff-co says shaving his choppers has not been all goodness and yummies. "It's somewhat of a sad moment in my life," he said. "It's like cheerleading, but different. True story."

Jeff-co chose to speak off the record about the connection between cheerleading and his clean shaven face. We ask that you trust in embedded truths and apologize that we cannot clarify how the two things are, in fact, very much related. Once a good punk-scout, always a good punk-scout. Oye!

(All photos by DmD)

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